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Safety Tips

This information is important and essential for every Q-Gliders to understand before beginning the LifeStyle practice. This information is a guide that allows a much more comprehensive practice to occur.

When first learning how to Quantum Glide, is there anything that I should know?
Yes.... It’s essential to prioritize your practice in the order of importance.

1. Safety First - Make certain that you always hold onto the handrails and be responsible for your own safety as well as present in your Q-Gliding experience.

2. When first learning, be sure that the treadmill incline and speed are easy enough not to pull your attention and focus away from learning how to navigate in the dark. (you might want to experience your first couple of practices by closing your eyes with out wearing any black out eyewear.

3. An important step to assess on your own is to notice how well you pay attention to listening, co-creating and staying focused on your guided intentions. They are what will source a transformational experience. (co-creating means creating with the narrator. You hear the intention, then you powerfully choose it as your own.)

4. The next step in your practice is to learn great posturing and breathing techniques. If at first your breath is not in sync with the audio-guided visualizations, it is perfectly OK. Your main focus needs on your intentions, then you posturing and walk. The breath will synchronize naturally.

5. After completing steps 1-4, you’re ready for an amazing shift into Quantum Gliding. As you embrace the glides as your own, you will deepen the richness of your experience. Each repetitive glide becomes listened to and co-created for the first time. You are present to the vastness of depth and expansiveness on your journey to nowhere.. This is the portal to self-realization.

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