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Why Baron Transformations?

Because we are committed to helping you to sustain optimal health and well being 

BaronTransformations is a growing fellowship of people who are committed to supporting the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

We support mind expansion which helps access sustainable freedom and happiness.

The primary focus of awakening your consciousness awareness is supported by offering key products and services which help you reconnect with your center of power and follow simple practices which will help you to sustain it.

Current Products Include:

The Freedom Warrior LifeStyle Training: a powerful method of coaching and empowerment which helps you create a most satisfying life for yourself as well as others around you. 

Quantum Gliding: a unique practice which combines an audio-guided meditation and aerobic workout in a most unique and simple manner, such that you are left invigorated, clear-headed and calm. 

Baron’s Mini Meditations: a quick and easy method of centering your power and returning to peace in only minutes!

While we are focused on helping you to step into a new and more exciting reality, our long term focus is to help you to make a sustainable and positive impact on those you love as well as on future generations so that they too may benefit from having a happier life.

Our transformational environment encourages and supports breakdowns that lead to memorable breakthroughs. It's not possible to have one without the other and so we welcome it all. Results are nothing short of new and more fulfilling realities. When you face limitless possibility, freedom and happiness to become commonplace.

BaronTransformations LLC teaches sustainable, transformational living.
With transformational living, you:


  • Break through old limiting beliefs, illusions of lack, and a gamut of upsets

  • Awaken your individual consciousness and gain a deeper sense of self

  • Have clarity and joy by expanding your existing reality

  • Regain a sense of authenticity, wonder, and awe

  • Learn to responsibly embrace your own well being and hold onto your center of power

  • Live life with Integrity, for without integrity, nothing really works

Take plenty of time looking through our offerings and begin your transformation today!
About Ron Baron

     As spirit, we are the light, the witnessing observer, the provider of awareness and yet, do nothing. We simply be as we are.

Our body receives data from the body's sensory organs which 

inspires our mind to do its best to make relative sense out of it.

Thoughts are then generated, which create feelings and emotions.

Often times physical sensations directly influence the mind’s assessment of what it interprets and feels.

     Our light or expanded awareness helps the mind to observe things more clearly and allows it to have a greater perspective.

A new and more powerful view of reality results.

Mindfulness is key to bringing about clarity while all beliefs remain a direct result of interpretations.

You will learn how to create new interpretations and watch the current ones become obsolete and no longer serve you.


     Saying farewell to restrictive and binding considerations helps to unlock your mind's doorway to freedom and happiness which is a primary goal.

Empowerment training helps you to self-generate new shifts in view as you enjoy creating and living inside of a powerful new life. 



Our Products


With Baron's Mini Meditations, you can return balance to your day with just a few minutes of meditation.


Our Freedom Warrior coaching program allows you to build a unique lifestyle of creating and living in a reality that is always expanding and enhancing the quality of your life and others. 


Our Quantum Gliding program offers a much needed cardiovascular workout for the body while it clears out the clutter in your mind. The ease and excitement of your practice helps an aerobic workout fly by in no time at all.

Meet the Founder

Ron Baron, CEO of BaronTransformations LLC, is in his 30th year of serving clients in the health and beauty industry. He has touched the hearts and minds of many people, allowing them to witness their own shifts in perspective.


Ron had a near death experience significantly which permanently altered his life. He could never have imagined what was about to unfold. In 2005, Ron was given three to six months to live.


His views on life and his identity, were altered for good. The life that he once knew was over. Ron has learned to serve by teaching and coaching people on how to live inside of a transforming life.

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