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Quantum Gliding 

is a fusion of mind, body, and you, who are spirit.





Quantum Gliding is an Aerobic Workout to the Power of Meditation.



What is Quantum Gliding?


Quantum Gliding is an experience which occurs when you simultaneously combine an audio-guided visual meditation with an aerobic workout.

At some point you feel that you are somewhere outside of your body, in some quantum space in time, while you have a physical sensation of gliding from your waist down, especially when you’re on a treadmill.


Quantum Gliding is innovative and unique. It's a way to improve your mental and physical health as well as well-being, easily and efficiently. 

Quantum Gliding is an All-In-One Solution to:


A Healthier Mind and Body

Another Pathway to Enlightenment.

A Suffer-Free Aerobic Workout

A simple and easy way of Meditating 



Benefits of Quantum Gliding


Before you know it, you are feeling calm and at peace, in addition to energized and clear headed.  You are either ready and juiced to begin your day, or if practiced at night, you’re ready for a deep REM sleep. Quantum Gliding helps remove daily stress while rejuvenating your mind.

Quantum Gliding saves time because you can accomplish two things simultaneously. It removes the drudgery from a boring aerobic workout and easily guides you through a meditation.


What’s needed to Quantum Glide?


Most forms of stationary aerobic equipment is best used when Quantum Gliding. Options are either a treadmill, a recumbent bike, an elliptical or rowing machine, etc.


How Long does it take to Quantum Glide?


Q-Gliding sessions are 35-45 minutes, yet feel like only 15-20 minutes!


Who is Quantum Gliding for?


  • People who don’t like to do aerobic exercise

  • People who think that meditation is difficult and not valuable

  • Athletes who are board with their aerobic workout routine

  • Yogi’s who would like to have more cardio work for optimal health

  • Seniors and Yuppies who want to find an “all-in-one” workout solution and invigorating mind-reset

  • Anyone looking for what’s next in the world of mind, body, and soul advancement.



A Few Definitions


Quantum Space - Is a place in which one finds themselves during their glides. 

It’s also known as the ‘zone’, the ‘pocket’ and being in the ‘Now’.  It's the

place where you are fully conscious and being in the moment.


Gliding - Is the interpretation of a physical sensation which occurs from the waist

on down to the feet, during a quantum gliding experience. 


Quantum Gliding - Is a LifeStyle Practice as well as an experience itself. 

While combining an aerobic experience and a meditation practice, the focus on specific intentions causes a shift of focus away from walking on a treadmill to a gliding sensation which is where a Quantum Space opens up and being in the ‘zone’ or ‘pocket’ appears.

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