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Hear what some of others are saying about the Freedom Warrior method of coaching!

Jan S.

IT Director at GSG World Media - California



"I wanted to thank you. Our call was amazing. Through your guidance I was able to see things even more clearly. This is the first time where I am looking at my thoughts with amusement and see where my mind wants to take me and how my mind wants to be right under any circumstances. And yet, I can see it for what it is, with love and peace. I can even see my biggest nightmares with joy, peace, humor and can now be in the moment with the perception of a terrible thought and have it be OK. THIS IS MY REALITY UNTIL IT'S NOT! (I can't stop smiling about this insight, because now I know that even that statement is not real - it just is) I AM .....(long silence) => :-) I just love you."

Ilene E.

Scottsdale, AZ



"I have a huge sense of joy and gratitude for how greatly I have expanded and prospered since I started working with you as my coach. Thank you for all that is possible in my life. You have helped me to recognize the role that my mind plays with regards to upsetting thoughts and behavior. I now see how insistent my thoughts are, often setting me up for far less than I am worthy of...

...what I like the most is that I am experiencing little resistance to things. Thank you for your steady and unfaltering contributions to my awareness. Your coaching surely makes a difference. I feel your authentic love and my own power to shift."

Hugh W.

Senior Event Planner, New York

"Ron is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. He has triumphantly overcome severe obstacles in his own life that gives him a unique perspective on life coaching! This is a person who walks the talk. If you need to be motivated through your own obstacles, I highly recommend you choose Ron as your coach; you will not be disappointed."

Dawn R.

New York

"I found the Freedom Warrior coaching to be very powerful. To be able to look at what is happening in my life, separate it and understand it is my brains functioning and not ME. To not be a victim, reclaim my power and move forward with love and commitment rather than worry and fear. To have the freedom to actually make a clean choice, rather than one clouded with doubt. This coaching program has made me a Freedom Warrior and allowed me to design the life I have always dreamed of."

Cheryl F.

CPA & Board of Directors at Foundation for Blind Children - Arizona

"I hope to convey your strength and purpose: We never meet people without a place in our world yet often don't realize the connection until time passes....until we realize we are all connected. Ron helped me see myself through a clearer lens and continues to offer guidance and a healthy path to selflessness. I learn everyday from his words and am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to have him in my life as a coach. Love you Ron."

Larry G.

CEO, Of Eleven Media - Florida

"Ron Baron has changed my life. His coaching has affected me deeply and profoundly and I'll never be able to see the world, or my place within it, the same way again. I'm forever indebted to you Ron!"

Greg P.

CEO Audio Video Events - Maryland

"I was introduced to Ron Baron by a mutual friend. What was supposed to be a week of filming for his new company, Baron Transformations, turned into something much more. Through the lens of my camera, I witnessed people transform right before my eyes! Some, in less than 5 minutes! What was supposed to be just another video job, quickly turned into a life-long incredible friendship. I have worked as a videographer for over 20 years with many influential people and well respected thought-leaders. Ron stands apart from all the rest. To say it is a huge honor and privilege to work side by side with Mr. Baron on the ground floor of something so amazing does not give it justice. There are no words to express how elated I am that I was chosen to be part of what is so different, so simple and so powerful that I know in my heart will change the world forever!"

Greg W.

Executive Coach - Utah

"The best description of my experience with Ron as a coach is hard to describe, but would be found in and around this word: unyielding. An unyielding coach is exactly what most people need, but ironically also what most people don't want. Ron doesn't believe or let you believe the lies you tell yourself. He believes that everything you could ever want is just a choice away and is not found anywhere but in the present. Though you might offer him all sorts of excuses for why this isn't true, he will not "yield" to these rationalizations and deflections, even if they make a lot of sense. But that is the whole secret to his process. The deepest truths do not make sense to the mind, and often seem irrational, but that doesn't make them not true. Ron helps you to see that."

Ian E.


"I have been a self-improvement follower for years, always searching for “that something” but never seeming to find it. In my first call with Ron he dove straight in and intuitively identified exactly what was holding me back. But Ron didn’t stop there - he took me a step further and forever altered my perception of the world. Ron utterly changed my life. He is unlike any coach I have ever had and by far the most caring individual I have ever met. The time I spent with him and the insights he gave me are priceless. If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with Ron, take will not be sorry."

Greg R.

Author and Key Note Speaker - San Diego, CA

"Extraordinary and off the charts is how I describe my experience with Ron. As a seasoned author and highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker, I’ve not encountered anything like Ron Baron's approach to coaching. In one short session, I had a really cool breakthrough with something that I had no clue was even there. It's no longer coloring my reality! Minutes into a conversation, it was uncovered and brought to light. Ron, I can see that your method powerfully helps to transform lives. Thank you for showing me how easy it was to shift. If it doesn't stick, I'm calling you for another session!"

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