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Baron's Mini Meditations: Anxiety

Anxiety is directly connected to fear, blind spots and/or not knowing or trusting someone or something. The realization and embrace of this energetic upset will alter the experience on a physical level and allows it to complete its course. Lack of "trust" is a key player in the creation of anxiety. Trusting in someone or something leads to a failed expectation and is the guarantee to anxiety. Trusting in the Universal Order of things and knowing that "all is well always", yields harmony and peace. Being who you Already Are, which is Soul Energy - that is loving and lovable, is all that is required of you. In this realization playground, anxiety has no footing.

Price: $1.99

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Baron's Mini Meditations: Scatter Brains

Scattered thoughts result from an over active brain functioning and a situation where multiple thoughts occur at once. Often times a thoughts patterning is way too fast for your mouth to even speak. Fixing this occurrence would imply that something is wrong. This is not the case. However, to be more effective and productive, one may want to experience their brains patterning and speaking a bit more calmly. All that is needed is a refocus on the breath. Being responsible for taking slow and deep breaths places the body in a state of peace and calm. This re-focus makes it impossible for the brain to continue its roller coaster ride. As a matter of fact, you can stay on the roller coaster ride as it slows way down and allows you to enjoy the entire experience. Thought patterns return to more comforting and peaceful experience.

Price: $1.99


Baron's Mini Meditations: Control Freak

The need to control anything comes only from the fear of not having any control. The perfect solution to remedy the fear of not having any control is to become an effective control freak!

However, here’s the irony – no one has control over anything, really. The ultimate fear for most, for example, is death. And if you haven’t noticed, ‘birth is terminal’. Not one human being has ever escaped it. It’s natural, it’s the circle of life, and it’s inevitable.

The realization of not having control transforms fear into freedom.

Is it simple? Yes. Is it Easy? Not always. What it takes is the powerful surrendering to the Universal Order of things and life itself.

Price: $1.99


Baron's Mini Meditations: Overwhelmed

Overwhelm is not something to judge yourself poorly for.

It’s simply an indication that there is a lack of focus and order of things. The breath is a wonderful partner when overwhelm is experienced. Getting worked up into overwhelm is clearly unproductive and energetically raises havoc on the body. Breathing slowly and deeply automatically refocused and reboots the body to a place of calm. This allows the body to complete it’s energetic upset and become open to what’s next. And what’s next is being responsible for making a list of priorities. It’s not ever possible to do more than one thing at a time anyway. Even when there are multiple things to do – only one thing gets done at a time. Be aware that overwhelm is simply a poor time management issue and not something to be concerned about. It’s just something to be managed.

Price: $1.99


Baron's Mini Meditations: Bedtime Story

Sleepless nights are way too common for most people.

With the stresses of daily living and the brains ability to run rampant, the minds engine often runs in high gear, causing sleepless nights and a day of fatigue to follow.

A Bedtime Story is the perfect meditation. It allows what’s in the way of a restful nights sleep to get complete and provide a clearing for the mind to calm down, which in turn, will enable the body to relax. This process is a quick and easy way to let the brain know that it’s time to ‘chill out’ for the evening. Until that time actually happens, it’s important to not be upset for being in the process itself. Self-patience is what is required, along with knowing that everything is temporary. Nighty Night!

Price: $1.99


Baron's Mini Meditations: When Mourning Comes

If you believe that when you’re dead, you are dead and/or there is no God or Universal Intelligence, you’ll need to come to grips with the loss of a loved one by allowing yourself to embrace the circle of life at face value. In that you can find peace.

If you believe otherwise, you then have a deep knowing of soul energy and realize that that is who you really are; your brain and your body are but only tools to live as a human being.

Death is but a clear and transparent illusion for the soul that knows itself. Mourning is something that we do when we have forgotten this.

Mourning is a process of loss. It’s very real and meaningful because it lives in a human reality, although it is simply not true. It’s also valid and has it’s psychological (brain) and physiological (body) effects. The soul, however, is not affected in the least as it knows of no loss. As a matter of fact looks to the brain and body with compassion for the lack of eternal wisdom.

When the soul recognizes itself, the brain and body take their proper place and mourning transforms into blissful knowing that all is well always.

Price: $1.99


Baron's Mini Meditations: Complete Package

Barons Miracle Mini-Meditations are meditation quickies for people on the go. They are a quick, easy and affordable way to begin to learn how to meditate, allowing you to return to a place of peace and balance in only 6-10 minutes.


1. Baron's Mini Meditations Introduction
2. Got Anxiety? Returning to Balance
3. Scatter Brains for ADD
4. Control Freak for OCD
5. Overwhelmed - Being So Busy
6. When Mourning Comes - Loss of a Loved One
7. A Bedtime Story - For Insomnia

Price: $9.99

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